Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Deep Thoughts by Drea

Brandt and I went out last night and saw two legends play together. What a great show! As we were sitting in Kingsbury Hall enjoying these two old men sing and play their guitars I actually let my mind go. It occured to me that my mind has a million thoughts, great thoughts, that go through it each day and because I'm so busy running, caging, screaming, preparing, wiping, cleaning, organizing, screaming, playing, corraling, screaming, and working my thoughts aren't even clear to myself! It was truly nice to just sit, enjoy the ambiance, hold my man's hand, and relax. I don't do that anymore. There is WAY too much to do all the freakin' time.

Merle wrote a song about age. In it he talked about how youth is wasted on the youth and he would love to be 30 again. I am 30. It brought tears to my eyes because I had an "ah-ha" moment that I need to relish in these times. I mean really enjoy it and be aware of it. Not rushing. Not screaming. Not stressing. I am not old. I feel old sometimes and in another 30 years I don't want to think this time was wasted. The past few years have been such a blur that I need to take a deep breath, a step back, and truck along being aware. Aware of each special tender moment in my life. And to add to it, I need to record more of those moments since I know that those memories drift away as the years go by.

On a different note, I've canned 10 quarts of pears, 7 quarts of applesauce, and have a half a box still left of my pears. I'm trying to get the drive to do another batch of pears but I'm not doing too well with the motivation! Maybe I'll straighten up, or take a short nap, or crochet for a minute and then go for round two. Such beautiful weather right now. I love fall. I love football season. I love my 4 boys.

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Erin said...

I LIVE for date nights and always make sure I have one to look forward to.