Monday, September 19, 2011

Tomatoes & Apples

Guess what I did today?!? I canned. That's right. Canned. All by myself. Self-taught, never had a lesson...ok, not completely true. I've been around canning but never really paid much attention. So I sorta had an idea of what took place. A nice woman in my neighborhood shared her tomatoes with me since my FIVE tomato plants have produced a whopping 2 tomatoes and I canned them up today. Not a ton, but I got 5 bottles out of it and had only one hiccup where 2 of my bottles didn't seal so I'm re-processing those right now. So I feel like Suzy Homemaker, so proud. Not as intimidated anymore with the whole canning monster. And guess what this is? An apple off my tree. The secret is now out that I have never just eaten an apple off my tree. I've picked up a ba-zillion off the ground but never partook. I've been told by many how good my apples are and I must say...they are quite tasty. Got lots up my sleeve to do with those. Apple Butter, Applesauce, Apple Crisp....mmmmmmmmm.....


Alisha said...

Hey! So not creepy that you found me. :) If you were a middle-aged man that I didn't know...then It'd be creepy. Haha
Love your family pictures, by the way! And are you really going private? Send me an invite. I hardly update my blog, but I'm trying to be better...we'll see how that goes.
And you are so lucky to have an apple tree! And I also am going to venture into the canning scene this fall, but I'll have my sister to help me. So good for you!!
We should do something again sometime. Maybe a park, so the kids can play together(instead of mine just crying the whole time at the library!).
Anyway, that was like a novel for a comment. :) Glad you found me, and thanks for the compliment on my photography. I enjoy it.

Kierstin said...

Hey!! I want some of the apples!! hey! yes, yes I do.

(It's late. I'm reeeeeally tired. and I may or may not be on crack... at least I feel like I am somedays :/

Erin said...

JEALOUS! I love making applesauce and am hoping to in October.