Thursday, September 22, 2011


There are moments throughout each day that I think "I need to write this down" and then there is never time to do it. So, today here are just a couple things I need to record.

1. Oliver loves balls. It's pretty much the only word he says (ba) and he chases any ball around the house like a kitten. Before I put him in his crib for his pm nap we played and played in the living room with a basketball. He gets so excited, and giggles, and squirms all around trying to get the ball, throw the ball, and hug the ball. It is adorable.

2. I attempted storytime at the library this morning. We failed miserably. The boys lasted about a total of 2 minutes before we had to go pee. Once in the bathroom they were "fine." And then back to the room, followed by Charlie pulling keys out of my bag and trying to lock the door and Dylan playing with his fake cell phone he snuck into the library. We left. I told them they were naughty and we had to go home. They asked if Oliver was naughty and I said no. So while we were driving home Charlie was telling Dylan that they both were naughty but Oliver wasn't. It was hilarious.

3. Last night as Brandt and I were lying in bed he was telling me that while I was helping Charlie go to the bathroom before bed he was in talking with Dylan. Dylan pointed to B's nose and said "nose" and then pointed to his nose, then his elephant's nose, then Charlie's bear's nose. They then moved on to tails and then to feet. Dylan pulled one of his feet out and said "foot" and then pulled out his other foot and said "more foots." Cutie.

4. I sat in my kitchen this afternoon and fed O his applesauce while he was crawling around. The twins came in, too, and sat down and we all played and they crawled all over me. I had a moment. I really am so lucky to be able to sit there with my own children and watch them. There are so many who don't get to do that and I don't know that I'll be able to forever. I need to let those moments soak in so the other times when I'm losing my sanity I can reflect back to those thoughts.

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