Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Please stay little...

Today Charlie was saying a bad word.  This is a day that I knew would come but dreaded.  I hate that my little birds are leaving the nest and learning things that I would rather them not learn.  Maybe he learned from TV?  Either way, no bueno.  I threatened soap and I think he's afraid.  That's my parenting method.  Instill the fear and hopefully they'll behave cause they think that my wrath is worse.  Ha!  Who ever thought that sweet, quiet Andrea would be scary?

On a positive note, Brandt had the day off.  Cousins came to play.  Dinner was brought to me.  It was beautiful out today with sunshine and like 40 degrees (so hot, right?).  Porter has been sleeping all through the night pretty regularly (and I know I just cursed it).  Lots to be grateful for.

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Kierstin said...

You're a great Mom. Love you guys 😘