Friday, January 16, 2015

Baby food and other ramblings

So I'm a bit embarrassed that I haven't made my own baby food for my first 3 kids.  Had I realized how easy and quick it was I would have never invested so much moolah in Gerber.  Holy smokes, I spent like 3 dollars and have a TON of food.  For $3 I would have gotten, what, like 3 containers of Gerber food?!?  Needless to say, I have made peas, yams, and pears for my sweet, growing babe.  I have some carrots and beans to do up next.  I cooked everything to make it soft, pureed in the blender, and put in ice cube trays to freeze.  Then you pop them out and put them in a ziplock bag and you just remove however many cubes you need to microwave them.  Wah-lah!  Loving it!

Porter is beyond cute.  He has learned to push up and will push out and scoot himself backwards on his tummy.  His core is getting a little stronger but still does not like to sit on his own.  Too wiggly.  Our neighbor dropped off their little exersaucer and P loves it.  This is a pic from the first time he sat in it. 
He kept knocking his head on the little spin toy trying to get his face right next to the mirror.  Sooo cute.  He also adores his feet and LOVES to eat them.  
I have to quickly remove his socks if I feed him cause he takes a bite of food and likes to wash it down with this toes.  If I don't take off the socks I end up with colored toes on them.  He is a mello, sweet boy.  
His brothers just love him to pieces.  The other day Oliver was watching Curious George while I was making lunch or dinner or something.  I had left Porter downstairs with him playing on the ground.  When I went downstairs to get him this is what I found.  
Sometimes brothers gotta watch Curious George together.  He's also finally starting to coo more and more.  Brandt has said it is his favorite age when the baby will wake up in the morning and just talk to themselves.  Porter is there.  However, he also has his brother in there so I hear giggling a bunch of mornings.  Oliver will wake him up (and I get really grumpy about that) but then O will climb in his crib and play with him and he laughs and laughs.  I am really trying to be calm mother and let the kids be kids more and not harp on them as much so that there is happiness and playfulness abounding in our home.  I feel my children's childhood slipping away and it makes me weep.  It is such an inside struggle clinging to their "littleness" while anticipating the adventures and excitement of growing up.  Ah, being a parent is hard.  I have come to realize this more and more as the dynamic of our family is morphing into something new.  I wouldn't change it but it is definitely hard.

In response to my previous post, I am very proud of my Charlie for trying to correct his bad habit of saying some words that are not allowed in our home.  He let it slip the next morning and started to cry when I caught him because he wants so badly to be good.  We said a quick prayer before he went to school asking for help to remember to say only good words.  When he came home he was so proud that he hadn't said it and had used a more appropriate exclamation instead of the other word.  I too, am proud of him.  He really struggles with the perfection he wants to obtain.  He is wiser than his years.  He asks tough questions that I never thought I'd be addressing with a 6 year old.  He struggles being happy.  I assume it is because of him wanting to have everything be perfect, himself included.  It is tough for me as him mommy to teach him what it means to be happy.  Teach him to find joy in serving others.  Teach him to have patience in learning.  Teach him to be kind to others and brave to find friends that will love him for his quirkiness.  I am indeed grateful that he has Dylan.  I think it was planned all along for those two to come to earth together so that they could help one another.  They have other friends but they know that they always have that buddy there, too.  I'm so very happy about that.  I love when my boys are getting along and playing so well.  It warms my heart.  I have the best little boys around.  I gotta remember to enjoy them being little cause it is quickly slipping away. 

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