Thursday, January 12, 2012

To nap or not to nap...that is the question

I've been lucky. My little guys still for the most part take naps. Sometimes it takes some convincing but they'll usually fall asleep and all around the Jensen home is happy. But, I know we're nearing the end of a good thing. I know they'd do fine if I didn't have them nap but for me, that hour or so is a moment of solice that is much needed. A lot of times I put them in their room and just let them have at it. I just want them in there and not in my face. I get to the point where I don't care if they sleep, I just need some mommy-time. I've found lately that I can go into their room and lay down on the ground so that they'll shut up for enough seconds to realize they're tired and will finally doze off. That's usually the problem, they just don't stop talking so that they will sleep. Today I went in there. Dylan had made up a bed on the ground with his blankets and was lying there like a good little boy. Charlie was on the beds but there were no pillows and no blankets in sight. And...the light was on. That one makes me mad but I just turned off the light and layed down on the ground. D tossed and turned for awhile, then he stretched out his foot a little bit inching it closer and closer to me until it touched me. Then Charlie got up and brought his blankies over to me and layed down next to me. He then proceeded to grab my hand and put it on his back, hinting to start rubbing. He is just like his daddy and loves his back rubbed. When my arm got tired and I stopped he put it back urging me to continue. I opened my eyes and everyone elses eyes were open, too. They'd reach over and rub my face with their chubby hands. I just smiled. Ok. You win. No nap today. That's ok cause you are darn cute. Both of you. I love that these guys are growing up but it breaks my heart, too. It's sad that you can't have both your babies forever and the experiences and moments as they grow up, too. Like my mom always said when asked which stage of raising children is the best...they all are. January 2009 - approximately 4 months old - cribs in Nauvoo, IL

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