Monday, January 9, 2012

It snowed! It snowed!

Finally, we have a little snow! The other day we got about 6 inches of new snow. We haven't had any snow since, what, November? It's been sorta nice in Brandt's eyes cause that way he doesn't have to deliver in it. But, it would have been nice around Christmas. And it's sorta nice for the whole "we need water" dilemma. But other than that it's been ok for it to stay away. I bundled up the twinners and sent them out to the backyard to run around. They eventually made it out front and since the boys across the street were out I let them play. The boys came over to our yard and helped the twins make a snowman. Sweet. So nice of them to play with the boys. We're lucky to have such great neighbors. Every day now they ask to go play in the snow.

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