Monday, January 30, 2012

Oh the things they say...

A few weeks ago I went into the boys's room to wake them up from a nap. They were having a tough time waking up so I went up to D (his eyes were open) and said, "Are you trying to wake up?" His reply was, "No, I'm trying to sleep down." Love how they think.

Then today I had to make cookies and lemon bars to take to a funeral today at our church. I loaded the boys and the treats into the car and drove over to our church. The boys wanted the treats and I had to explain that we were taking them over for the luncheon after the funeral. I ran the food in and then came back out to head on home. Charlie said he wanted to stay and have lunch at the church. I told them that it wasn't our family who had someone die so we didn't get to have lunch at the church. And then rambled on about how that is good cause the lady that died had to go live with Jesus and we want our family to stay here with us a little longer. Then Dylan started whining about how he wanted to live with Jesus and wanted to live at Jesus's house. I chuckled and just said that one day he would but not for awhile. I'm not ready for him to live with Jesus yet.

I love watching the twins learn and grow. They're getting pretty darn smart. They love to pray by themselves. They love to get dressed by themselves. They love to do their carseat by themselves. They love to try to zip their jackets by themselves. They are anxious to go to school. I told them they aren't big enough and they had to learn their letters to go to school. The other day I sat down with them and their little work books and we worked on the letter A. They were supposed to trace it, color it, write it, etc. So I sat with Dylan and he did great. Then I tried to help Charlie. Oh boy. Just trying to get him to hold a crayon is tough. He uses both hands so he's not sure what hand to use, then his fingers don't cooperate. Then he just draws lines all over. My patience was tried. By the end of it, I'm getting mad at them cause I don't think they're even trying. Who am I to be mad? They are 3. They are just learning to do this! I had to take a breather and we'll try it again another day. Luckily for them (and me), I finally broke down and signed them up for preschool next year. That way they don't need to have their nag of a mom try to teach them EVERYTHING. I think our home will be a lot more happier with them gone a few hours each week socializing and learning. Then on to real school...excuse me? What???? Really they're old enough for that?

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