Tuesday, July 5, 2011

God's Country

A week ago we got back from a quick mini-vacation to Eden, Utah. My parents had a condo for the week up at Powder Mountain and invited us to spend some time away with them. Can I even tell you how beautiful it is up there? You drive up a steep dirt road and then come around the corner and, bam, there is a little retreat right there on the top of the mountain. With the cool, wet, spring we had there is still plenty of snow up there but it is also quickly melting. Around the village there was constant water flow down the dirt road. Temperatures were about 60-65 degrees with sunny skies. I tell you, just a little fresh, mountain air is fantistic for a little rejuvination. I miss, miss, miss my mountains. It's pretty sad that I have not strapped on a snowboard (and probably most of them are now click-on's anyway) since I got married 100 years ago and I haven't been camping since before my twins were born 3 years ago. I am desperatly in need for a little mountain time, but until it's a little more feasible to do that, this was a nice escape. I continually am in awe of the beautiful earth the God created. How blessed we are to be able to live here and enjoy this beauty. I feel a little sad for those that don't enjoy the great outdoors. They truly are missing out on something special. Anyway, while in Eden we watched lots of movies, took lots of walks (usually just down the hill followed by a "go home" or a "I need to go awesome", etc.) and lots of swimming. That was the highlight for the boys. They loved the little kiddie pool and loved their "hoops." Such a fun time and makes me anxious to go to Bear Lake later in the summer.

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