Monday, July 18, 2011

Birthday party anyone?

Every 1 year old needs a party and Oliver had his. On Sunday we had both sides of our family over for a little BBQ, cake and ice cream to celebrate Baby O's big day. It was a pretty warm day but it was nice to have a little sprinkling of rain and a bit of cloud cover. It seems to be that anytime we plan a party at our house we have unusual weather, be it the first snow of the season the first week of October, to downpours the last week of August. I don't know that we've ever had a "perfect weather" party. Besides that, it was wonderful. Our families are incredible and we're so grateful for those that came to share your love with our babe. Oliver slept through dinner, and once he was awake, he wasn't quite sure about things. In fact, he was quite concerned. We sat him down to eat his cake and he was not happy. He dantily tried his cake and thought about it for a minute (still concerned) so Daddy helped him out. It was good. He liked it. We sucked and sucked on our fingers. Mom, have you tried this stuff? Why have you been holding out on me? Delicious! The end product. Sugar coma has set in. Ok, I'm done, can we play? Happy, Happy Birthday Oliver! We love you!

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mcmullins said...

dang, we missed it! I remember the twins first... how fun.