Friday, April 29, 2011

Quote for the day

I get a few magazines delivered to my house and I end up trying to hurry and read through them so I can toss them out and avoid them sitting on my counter, or my table and just cluttering up my world. Anyway, I had a Parenting magazine lingering around so I sat down today to hurry and read so I could throw it in the recycle. Anyway, there was an article called The Secrets of Happy Families. It was a great article, just what I needed to hear and there was one spot that just stuck a chord in me. It said:

"Days are long, but years are short. On some weekends, getting from Saturday afternoon to Sunday night just takes forever, but kindergarten flies by. It's important to memorialize what's happening and embrace what you have right now."

That is so important for me to remember during this whirlwind of a time in my life. With 3 under 3 I tend to just try to truck on by through my days, wish for something better, or look forward to an event in the future. My little ones will only be little for a moment and I want to cherish each moment, each heartache, each accomplishment, and each milestone. Sometimes my life is a bit mundane but that's ok. I'm right here doing what I should be doing. I get to be with my little ones and help guide them and teach them to grow to be children of God. It is a priviledge and a blessing and I am extremely lucky.


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Hye, need a day, leave your boys with me. I'll take them to the zoo or something. Love ya and wish we would get together more often. Outings are fun and if you ever need to vent.

Luv, Jen

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by the way, I lost my blog page, so I'm writing under my sisters name.