Monday, November 22, 2010


Today I was quite proud of myself. I went shopping...with all 3 boys! We hit Target and Shopko. There were a few things on sale that I wanted to get for the kiddos for Christmas. I'm sick of thinking of things I can get them so I just want to purchase our items and be done with it. I know, sort of a grinch way to think about it, but I want to just enjoy the season and not dwell on getting the best deal, the best toy, the lowest American Express bill, etc.
Anyway, I digress...I went to Shopko. I was pushing the cart to the back of the store where the toys are and had to pass through the furniture. There were a few kids running around and I glanced over and there was a lady sitting on the couch nursing her baby. I am a mom with an infant myself, but I thought that was pretty bold. I would go to my car, or to the bathroom, or for the love of Pete, I would use a nursing cover or perhaps a blanket to cover up. That's right, she was just letting it all out. I'm all for breast-feeding and do it myself, but I guess I'm a little more reserved. Well, there is the Deep Thought for the day by Drea. Until next time...

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