Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Happy Halloween! We had two "killer" clowns and one darling pumpkin. The twins were "killer" clowns because when we went out at night I gave them two glowsticks to hold and they were axes. Have you seen cuter clowns or a cuter pumpkin? I would bet you haven't (unless, that's what your own kids're entitled bragging rights). We even ventured out into the rain. Maybe I shouldn't just say "rain." It was more of a downpour. Of course, it started right as we were about to make the rounds of the neighborhood so we had to wait a little while until it died down a little bit.
On Sunday we went to my parents house to celebrate Halloween. We had pumpkin stew, pumpkin triffle, veggies, salad, and french bread. After dinner my mom wanted the kids to play the game where you eat the donuts off of the string without using your hands. Dylan got in on the action - I didn't make him not use his hands. I don't think he'd understand.
Even after the game was over he was still making a go of it. Mr. Sweet Tooth himself. On Saturday when I woke the boys up from their nap I proceeded to put them in their costumes. Dylan threw a fit because he wanted to wear Oliver's costume. Unfortunatly for him, he is a little bigger.

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Erin said...

Oh my heck. Those clown costumes are adorable! I'm so sick of superheros around here...