Thursday, September 30, 2010


Yesterday I had a day. My visiting teachers came and while they were here, Dylan pooped. They left so I layed Dylan down to change his poopy and he was screaming and yelling and squirming because he had a bad bum rash and it was hurting him. Oliver was laying on the couch and was fussing just a little so Charlie went over and was trying to put his binkie back in. Next thing I know, Oliver is screaming bloody murder so I rushed over to hold him and see what was the matter. I was asking Charlie "What did you do? What's wrong?" and next thing I hear is "Bite, bite". I looked at Oliver's onesie and there was a wet spot next to his belly button so I undid the snaps and sure enough...teeth marks. Not just teeth marks but a bit of red from scraping the first layer of skin off, too. I slapped Charlie's mouth and sent him to the corner for 3 time outs. Dylan is scraming, Oliver is screaming, and now Charlie is screaming, too. Fun fun.

The title of the post is ba-ba-ba-bite because if you're eating something, that is how Charlie asks for a bite. Dylan's is a little shorter, just ba-bite. It really is cute. I need to catch it on video so I'll remember their sweet voices.
Here's a picture. Has nothing to do with the post but I think it is cute. My boys in the tree house.


Spjut Family said...

oh, Dre that sounds nightmereish. I hesitate to have another one just for that reason... out of control. Luckily, you have all your geese aligned most of the time.

Kierstin said...

Oh, I remember right after Max was born, Mikaela was only 2 and Max was only about a week old. I left Max in his swing and while I wasn't looking, Mikaela walked up to him and bit him right on the little nose! He screamed his little head off and I came running in to see what happened, sure enough, he had red bite marks on either side of his brand new little button nose :(. I flicked Mikaela on the mouth and sent her to time out too! I know you felt sad about poping the C man in the mouth, but sometimes they need a quick (and effective, i might add) method of 'NO WAY!!!' that words just can't express to them. Biting is a big no-no and it's good that they know it from first ba-ba-ba-bite. love you