Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Early Easter

With Brandt's brother in town we thought we'd celebrate Easter early so his cute family could be there for the festivities. It was a crazy, fun time being together. We got to look for eggs for the first time, play with the bubble machine, and run around with our cousins. Here is a plethera of pictures from the big event. I wasn't that great of a photographer that day so you'll have to deal with what we got.
Charlie reaching for his egg. Dylan checking his stash.
Typical Charlie "poo-face" (no, that doesn't mean he's taking care of business, it just means he's giving crusties). So, um, Charlie, whatcha got there???I love D's face here, reaching up for the bubbles.I wanted to get a picture of Charlie laughing at the bubbles. This is the best I got. He has a freaky-eye with that bubble covering it. Looks like he is wearing a glass eye. Maybe he is...who knows.Mass-hysteria. Just the best. I think the boys just loved running all around most of all. Who needs anything else besides some cousins, some sunshine, and a pair of shoes to go outside in?

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