Monday, March 8, 2010

18 Months

We are 18 months! Can you even believe it? We are so big and so fun. We had our check-up last week and our stats are:
Weight: 22.9lbs, 10%
Height: 32.5in, 55%
Head: 46.5cm, 16%

Weight: 26lbs, 51%
Height: 32in, 40%
Head: 48cm, 56%

When you have 2 18-month-olds it is tough to get a picture with both boys at once. Usually we have one boy crying
or the other boy crying.
And if you're lucky, sometimes you can get a half-way decent picture of them together. So usually it's best to just get single shots. I can seem to get a smiley picture that way. Aren't they cute?

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