Monday, June 29, 2009

The ZOO!!

So a week or so ago Brandt had the whole weekend off (I know, a day off??? Who'd a thunk it?!?). We decided the boys needed to have their first trip to the fancy, schmancy Hogle Zoo. We love the zoo and hope that they will, too, one day.

Charlie pretty much missed it. He had to sit in the back of the stroller so he couldn't see much so what do you think he chose to do instead?? Can't blame him.
Dylan was awake the whole time, though. I don't know that he realized there were animals and thought we were just going for a longer walk.
Brandt tried to convince me we didn't need a picture of all of us but I told him that one day he will be glad that I made that nice lady take our picture. Fun, fun. I'm sure next year the boys will think the zoo is a little neater than they did this time around.

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Spjut Family said...

How fun. I love those two little guys. We plan to go to the zoo on the 8th, so if those boys want another long walk you're invited. Love you tons,