Monday, June 29, 2009

We're growing up.

So I loaned out my baby bath so now we have to take our baths in the "real" bathtub. I've been hesitant to make the move because I can keep the bambinos a little more under control with the small tub rather than a normal sized tub. I gave them their first bath the other day in the big tub. They did ok. I might as well should have just jumped in with them. It is hard work. I don't have it quite down as to how to take them out, dry them off before they freeze, get a diaper on them before they pee on me, stop them from grabbing/rolling/crawling around anything in the bathroom, and move on to the next kid quickly and without leaving the room. I need another set of arms I think. Hmmmmm, that'd be attractive don't ya think? It is a new challenge each day and I think I'm getting smarter and so are the boys. Charlie made his first crawling moves yesterday. I'm glad that Brandt and I were both there to see it. Dylan is all over the place and has all sorts of sores on his face from pulling things down onto him (like a TV tray, opps). The other morning I was sitting on one side of the couch and Dylan wandered to the other side of it. He got quiet and when I went to see what he was up to he had climbed 8 stairs!!! He had 3 more to go to the top. Oh boy he is fast. Imagine how it will be when Charlie joins him! They are doing well with their sleeping and being so fun. I feel so lucky to have such great boys. They are just amazing.
Don't you love their glazed over looks in this one? This is what you will see when they are teenagers and you ask "Any volunteers to say the prayer?". Or how about, "Who wants to help me clean out the garage (or car, or bedroom, etc.)." I'll hear back, "Um, did you say something mom?"


Kierstin said...

They're so cute! I love the bit about the glazed over look... so funny. Maybe try putting one in the crib to wait for his bath while you bathe the other one and then switch? I cannot even imagine having more than one little baby to chase after. I have three monkeys, but only one baby :)

Spjut Family said...

Okay, too funny. I feel like you blog feast or famine. I love these new entries. We need to get together soon and start regular play dates. Cole is just getting over a cold, so now we can give it a whirl. I love bath time, but I can't imagine it with two. Wait tell, they both start standing and trying to turn on the water and climb out of the tub. Good Luck!!!!!

Sally said...

Hi Andrea! I can't believe you have twins! They are so darling. What a fun little family you have. Maybe we can do a play date or go to the zoo together sometime!