Wednesday, June 24, 2009!

So here on the home front we are busy trying to teach Dylan & Charlie to go fall asleep on there own. They have been awesome sleepers but I have been bad and I rock and sing them to sleep. I have decided it is time and have let them cry themselves to sleep for 2 days now. It will go away, right? The crying that is. I think it is turning into shorter amounts of crying but I'm not 100% certain cause I will put them down and go far, far away so I don't have to hear it. It just kills me! I've decided it is ok for me to rock and sing to them for 10 mins or so each and then just put them in the crib. Dylan, my little climber, has learned to pull himself up so he will stand at the edge of his crib and just scream. Oh, it is so tough to just walk away. I have waited this long to do this because I haven't wanted them to wake each other up, but I figure they'll learn to just ignore each other. Once they can talk it will be funny to hear them say things to each other like, "Charlie, shut up! I'm trying to sleep!", or how about, "Hey Dylan, I bet if you put your foot there, and reach over to that, and then just fling yourself, you'll end up in my crib and then we can play!". Can't wait for that one, little smarty-pants.
The next hurdle is sippy cups. I'm trying to get my boys used to a sippy cup so I can transition to whole milk in about a month (can I tell you how EXCITED I am to not pump anymore?!?). Any secrets? I've tried a bunch of things but nothing has worked super well. But then again, I may not be giving it enough time to see if it truly is working. Patience, what is that? What worked for you?

Things are good around here. My mom & dad are back from the mission and I have been spending as much time as I can helping them to put there house back together. It flooded about a month before they were to get home. Everything had to be boxed up, moved out, and everything replaced. Nice that everything is new, but they have a boatload of STUFF! C & D are glad to be hanging out with Grandma & Grandpa though, and I'm sure the feeling goes the other way, too.

Better get back to doing something productive while I still have a few minutes left of naptime. If you have any advise on the sleeping or sippy cup dilemma, please pass it on.


allison said...

About sleeping it gets better and it is better to do it now. I think we ruined Savannah and her sleeping but Madi and Olivia do just fine.

The only advice I have on sippy cups is to use the ones with the soft tops if you have tried that already just keep trying they will learn.

They are growing up so fast, they are so cute.

Kierstin said...

Just be strong and keep reminding yourself that this is for their good... even though it sucks to hear them scream for you :(. It will get better soon, don't worry. Mikaela used to scream, "Daddy, I'n a hold you!" It was horrible, but eventually she calmed down and went to sleep. I used to have to put music on so it would drown out the screaming in the other room. You'll feel like a bad mommy, but you're doing them a favor in the long run. Sippy cups. They'll drink out of them when they're ready. Just give them to them with each meal and for the first while, take the plastic stopper out of the lid so the milk comes out and they understand that they're supposed to get something out of it. Try doing this with water first so you don't have such a mess :) Good luck and they're so stinking cute, you're doing a great job! xo

Mollie Sekikawa said...

Good Luck sista! Sleeping: BE STRONG. You can do it. You pushed 2 whole babies out of you on the same day... you can do this! WORTH IT! It'll get less and less, then...silence! Aw, the silence! SIPPY'S: I tried like 4 different kinds, till I found what he liked. He did better with me leaving the plastic stopper in, because then he could still suck, so it made it to be not too different than the bottle. I kind of cold turkied (is that a word?) the bottle when I weaned, except for bed time. He only gets sippy during the day. ALl kiddos are different though, so hang in there and they'll adapt. Lots o' love... miss you! Can't wait for our munchkins to be partners in crime.

Spjut Family said...

Don't ask me about sleeping. I can't do it,so I nurse Cole to sleep for every nap and bed time. Now try stopping that!!! Yikes, I'll be nursing him and then sending him off to kindergarten. I pray every night that cole will be a better sleeper.

As for sippy cups. I can help there. Take the suction part out from underneath the sippy part, so the milk comes out. Just watch them so they don't drench themselves. Once they realize that milk comes out, they will start to suck. I did that for Cole and after a month or so I flipped the suction thing back in and now he can suck on it just fine. Cole is drinking whole milk too, but he would rather nurse. Hmm. I have surgery in July so I won't be able to nurse him then. This is going to be tricky. Plus, I really enjoyed the long blog this time. Usually youre short and sweet.

Mike and Meg said...

I remember you! I am so glad you found me. I can't believe you had twins. What a handful. Cute boys! I am adding you to my blog! I am so glad to be in touch.