Monday, February 2, 2009

Nauvoo, IL

We had our first vacation last month. Me, Dylan, Charlie and Granna went to visit my parents in Nauvoo, IL. They have never met my babies in person so it was very sweet to be able to take them out there. My parents will be home in June and then the spoiling can begin. It was a wonderful trip (and quite hilarious at times trying to lug these boys through the airport)! All the Sisters there serving were so excited to see my boys. My mom had told them all about them so they are quite famous. There were even gifts brought over to the house. I am just floored by the generosity of those women. It was great to see my mom & dad, but it was hard to be away from Brandt that whole time, too. It was FREEZING there, one night it got down to -20 degrees. Too cold for my blood. It's pretty pathetic when you think it is hot when it is 30 degrees outside. And I thought it was cold here in Utah. I don't think I can ever complain again. Both boys caught a cold while we were there and Charlie had a fever one day. That was probably more tough on me than on them. It just breaks your little heart to see your babies sick. Other than that, it all went well. Here are some pictures from our adventure.
Dylans' 1st time on an airplane - He did great!
Charlie's 1st airplane ride. You can tell what he did most the time.
My parents performing. They sing a solo and here they are in their glory.
Hanging out on Grandma & Grandpa's couch.
View of Nauvoo from across the frozen Mississippi River. Beautiful, isn't it?

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Spjut Family said...

wow, what fun. I am so glad your parents could finally hold those two precious boys. They truly are so cute (as a mom you dont' think your kids can get any cuter, then they do, every day they get cuter and cuter) You are a wonderful mom