Saturday, February 14, 2009

I wanna eat them up!

These boys are just the cutest!

Holding hands, best friends

My boys always know when I am unavailable. I was pumping for the 9000th time the other day and they were hysterical. This is what I found when I was done. Notice the pooled tears below his left eye. Breaks my heart. You know he's thinking "Mom, where were you? How could you leave me?" Sweet baby...


Kierstin said...

Cute little beans! I love that they're holding hands... that's so precious. We miss seeing you guys. Maybe we can hang out soon. love ya. xo

Spjut Family said...

Oh, what a sad little picture of the tears. Don't worry, once they eat three solid meals a day (besides rice cereal) they nurse less. My life is so so so much easier. No more pumping at night and only four feedings during the day. So hang in there, it seems like it will last forever but it gets easier with the pump. (but hey, I never pumped for two) luv ya