Monday, February 2, 2009

5 months...getting bigger every day!

I cannot believe that I have 2 healthy, beautiful 5 month old baby boys! I just am amazed every day at how blessed I am to have them here with us! I even got some smiles caught on camera. That itself is a miracle!


Kierstin said...

Oh, little sweethearts! I miss you guys and want to snuggle those kids! I hope you guys can come to mom and dad's for dinner on sunday so we can see you. who knows.

Spjut Family said...

Finally, they are so cute. We really need to get together sometime. I'm thinking this summer the boys will be big enough to go visit without interupting nap time.

allison said...

They are getting so big. I cannot believe it. Russ told me yesterday all the new things they can do.