Monday, April 20, 2015

Sick, sick, and more sick

I've been meaning to post this for probably a month now.  Ridiculous how nutso I am.  I have been slightly overwhelmed with....LIFE.  How crazy it is.  And honestly, I try really, really, really hard to keep my crapola together and limit our crazy but no matter how hard I try it sneaks up and bites me on the butt.  But alas, my problems are really small potatoes compared to lots of people so I really need to just shut my yapper.  But back to the topic at hand, sickness.  I believe that we have tried out every single bug, virus, and ailment to go around this year.  We had a long stretch of all my children and occasionally myself and Brandt having something awful.  For example...I remember like it was yesterday...

We signed the twins up for baseball.  Wood Cross High School was doing a clinic for the kids.  I was hesitant to sign the boys up cause 1. it's money and I'm cheap and 2. I have two kids and didn't want to double the fee since, again, I'm cheap.  My good friend is the all-knowing when it comes to baseball and asked her if it was worth it and she said yes and got me her "friend" discount so I did it and signed up.  It was a Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday thing.  The boys were pumped and I got them all ready and we went over.  Once it started the boys went and huddled up to listen to the coach and get instruction and then they were divided up by age.  Their group was told to stand in a line behind one of the high school players.  Dylan picked a line and Charlie picked another.  Charlie happened to pick a long line so one of the coaches told him and a couple other kids to go to another line that wasn't so long.  Charlie turned around and started walking toward me, past a coach who stopped to ask him what was wrong.  He got to me and told me he didn't feel so good.  I was thinking he was just nervous.  I squatted down as I had Porter in his carseat hanging off my arm, to try to and convince him to be brave and go play.  As I lowered myself down, Charlie puked.  All over me, all over Porter, all over the ground.  All the parents around me I'm sure were like, "take your sick kid outta here!" So, I walked away from the group, took C's shirt off to wipe up Porter a little bit, and let him finish puking.  I went and told D I had to leave and that I'd be back to get him.  A cute pregnant mom came over to me and asked me if I needed help.  It was a great reminder to help others.  So sweet of her.  I just said we were going to leave but thank you.  So I ran home and gave everyone showers and put them to bed.  I had Brandt pick up D from the ballpark.  I was still trying to convince myself that Charlie was just nervous and puked because of it.  Sunday was fine, stayed home with Charlie, and that night put the kiddies to bed.  When Oliver woke up he had puked during the night in his bed and didn't even know it.  So, I had to clean him up, got the other kids to school (charlie was feeling better), and went on with my day.  Then, about 2ish maybe, I was rocking Porter and all of a sudden, he puked all over me, my rocker, the floor.  It was awful.  Then, I had to bathe him, clean up the mess, and then it was time for the twins to come home from school.  I opened the door for them and Dylan was standing there and said, "mom, something is wrong with my eye."  Full on pink eye.  I seriously started laughing.  Are. You. Kidding. Me.  When it rains it pours I suppose. So then we were treating pink eye.  Kept Dylan home Tuesday.  Oliver was feeling better and had a fieldtrip Wednesday so I took him to school.  They went to the Treehouse Museum and apparently while there he puked. Fan-freaking-tastic.  I felt horrible that I sent him.  Ugh.  Then Charlie got pink eye.  Few days later Oliver got pink eye.  And a few days after that Porter got pink eye.  I think we're sorta feeling better these days.  Porter has been continually sick for a few months but he's getting teeth and I'm chalking it up to that.

But like I said, my problems are minimal compared to what it could be so I'll shampoo my puke-carpet and count my blessings.  I'm feeling guilty so I should be updating again more frequently.  I realized I hardly filled out Oliver's baby book but luckily I blogged a bit when I had him.  I need to be better cause time is flying.

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