Friday, November 14, 2014


Two things I want to go over today.  First, Oliver.  I took Oliver to preschool today.  I dropped him off the same time a few other kids were being dropped off.  Oliver was taking an especially long time getting out of the car (was in the far back, had to get his bag, needed to kiss and say goodbye to Porter, etc) so when he finally got out we went around the corner of the car and there was a mom and her son there.  She said to me that her son, Luke, was wanting to walk into preschool for the first time without her but he wanted to wait and walk with Oliver.  So Oliver went right over to him and stuck out his hand and held Luke's hand while they walked away.  So sweet.  A few weeks back I was picking up O and most the other kids were already picked up.  O saw me and was running to get in the car and a mom passed me and said to me, "So-and-so (couldn't hear the name) LOVES Oliver."  I love that O is making friends and having an effect on the other kids in his class.  I told Brandt this and said that Oliver is like me where it takes him awhile to warm up to a situation but then he turns into Brandt.  Outgoing, and sometimes outspoken.  He foresees him being a bit of a class clown.  Wouldn't really surprise me.

Other thing.  So the twins walk home with my friend's two kids every day from school.  She told me earlier this week that they wouldn't be there Friday to walk home with Charlie and Dylan.  I planned on just walking up to the elementary school and walking home with them.  Today happened and I forgot.  It was 1:30 and I was about to put Porter down for a nap when it hit me.  Oh crap!  They are out of school!!  So, I put Porter on the ground and told Oliver to stay with him and I'd be right back.  I ran outta the house and up the street.  I was nearing the school and passed a group of 3 boys from our neighborhood and Charlie and Dylan were walking a little bit behind them.  I apologized and said I forgot to get up here sooner.  They told me that they asked the 3 boys if they could walk home with them and the boys responded with, "No, you're not our responsibility."  Excuse me?  You are all walking the same direction.  They told Charlie and Dylan to call their mom and Charlie told them that they don't have phones.  But don't let them borrow yours, just leave them.  That's how we treat our neighbors around here apparently.  I am pretty mad about it.  If I ever hear of my kids not helping a younger kid in the neighborhood I will flip out.  It takes a village and I can't believe that those mom's wouldn't tell their kids to be nice to everyone and to help everyone.  Oh well, enough of my rant.  The boys were good and walked the way they were supposed to.  It's tough letting them grow up and be responsible on their own.  Do I want them going by themselves everyday?  No.  But I'm grateful that they know how to get home in case of an emergency.

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