Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Yes, we're still here...

I guess it's gotten to the point where I'm posting once a month. Come on're better than that! I have created my own insanity and Brandt and I are working hard to "stop it." We've been really busy lately with kids, work, and more kids, and more work. Brandt has about 4 different side projects he's working on getting wrapped up so we've been out in the garage a lot lately trying to re-claim the garage. Brandt's been working a ton of overtime so 10hr days 6 days a week plus the woodworking in the garage takes its toll on our family. Once all the cabinets and such are out, the swingset from you-know-where is moving in. A few weeks ago I had gone to Costco to buy the swingset they're selling this year since it was a couple hundred dollars off. Apparently everyone else had the same idea so there were none in the state of utah (except St. George). They were anticipating a shipment in the Saturday before the sale ended so I kept calling each day to see if they were in so that I wouldn't miss them. That Friday they told me that there were only 3 units coming the next morning and to call in the am to make sure it arrived. I called that morning 1/2 hour before opening and the guy said there were 6 there and he had a lot more calls than that so he suggested being there early. Brandt's dad was gracious enough to meet us there since it was just me and the 3 boys cause B had to work. We got there, with a few others, but we were #2 in line. Oh yeah, we have a swingset. Problem is that our backyard is a hill so we need to level out the part where the playset goes and the plans say it takes 12 hours for the playset and 2 hours for the slide to set up. So we're going to widdle away at it each night and then once Brandt's long weekend comes up next week, hopefully we're ready to just assemble it all together and wham-bam we are in business. I'm excited for it. A little stressed/worried about setting it up, but I'm sure it'll be ok. We're quite resourseful.

Easter has come and gone. It was busy but great. We partied ALL day on Saturday and had a low-key, very nice Easter Sunday. At the end of the day I said to Brandt, "Today was a good day." One of those that you stuff away in your memory and cherish. Happy children, beautiful weather, family bonding...loved it. I made the boys capes for their easter baskets. They love them and wear them almost every day.

We have started swimming lessons this week. It is way more worrisome for me than for the twins. I expect a little too much from them sometimes, I think. They are crazy little boys and it kills me when they're off in la-la land and should be paying attention. I must have a mild ocd problem. I just want to walk over to the pool and explain behavior to my kids when they're goofing off but I have sat like a good parent and just watched. The first lesson Dylan kept climbing out of the pool, wandering to the other side of the pool area, just la-ti-da-ing like only Dylan does. So the last couple days we've been trying to reiterate that you need to pay attention to the teacher and do what the teacher says, etc. Then today came and D was great and Charlie had his head under water the whole time. Great, you would think. No, not when the teacher is trying to talk to you and do other activities. Charlie would rather just keep dunking his head. So, the rest of the week we'll try to explain that you have to do what the teacher says and keep your head out of water to hear instructions. The teacher did say that they did way better so I guess that's an improvement.

And some other randoms. I did a Costco run and the boys played with the leftover boxes. They were robots.

And lately the twins have been talking about Aspen non-stop so we made a trip out to their house one day and played all afternoon. Thank you Craig&Tree for letting me crash into your home and play at your zoo. What a fun house they have. They boys had a blast.

I know this is a rambler of a post but we had some catching up to do. If I want anything recorded as a journal, this is it, so I gotta keep up on it and let the rambling continue.

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