Thursday, April 26, 2012


It's up!  It's up!  The swingset is up! (except for the swingset part - haha)  Last weekend we worked HARD and got the playset and slide up in our backyard.  We gave up once we got to the swing part but figured we'd wait until fall since the boys can't pump on their own yet anyway.  We need to dig a big ol' hole to put part of the swingset in so that it'll be level and I just couldn't get myself to dig anymore.  So, that's put off for awhile and the boys couldn't be happier.  They ask everyday to go out on the "swingset slide" and have so much fun.  We're so blessed.  Seriously, the best investment yet!


allison said...

That is the cuties swing set! I'm not even going to show the girls because then they will want one just like it.

Schmath said...

I saw that at Costco. It's so awesome. You'll never have to go to the park again! Kinda jealous.