Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Goings on around here...

We have been enjoying the nicer weather around here. I love that if feels like spring and stopped snowing/raining for 2 seconds. I love that I can let the boys out into the backyard to run around for awhile. I came outside the other day to find this little treasure. A few weekends ago the hubby and I ran away for a quick getaway sans kiddos. It was lovely. We napped, and slept, and ate, and people watched, and got a nice sunburn, and enjoyed just having it be the two of us. It is hard work to get away, but it is so refreshing and important to spend time together. I love him with all my being. He is truly my best friend. This was B's breakfast one morning. Are you kidding me? And yes, he did eat it. The lady next to us ordered this little gem. The picture was taken after she'd been eating it for like 15 minutes. It is a breakfast pot pie. Right before we left O had this fun little surprise (look closely) and when we got back it got a buddy.

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