Saturday, July 31, 2010

Once upon a time...

I looked like this:
Which in turn, took me to this:
(what else is there to do while you await your baby then to take self-portraits trying to not give yourselves more of a double chin than you already have!)
And then you find yourself with this:
Oliver Brandt born July 18th(his daddy's and great-grandpa's birthday), weighing in at a healthy 8lb 9oz, and 21inches long. We usually see him looking like this:
But occasionally you will see some eyes:
He is an amazingly good baby. Eats, sleeps, sleeps some more, and eats some more.
His big brothers were pretty curious about him. Charlie just loves him and is always keeping tabs on him and tells everyone (mommy and daddy included) that he is "baby" and reaches out to pat him on the belly.I think this picture of Dylan is the one and only we will ever have of him showing some affection. I don't think he cares much for his little brother yet or maybe it is the ADD in him that keeps him too distracted to focus much on him. Who knows.Here's our little "family photo" from the hospital. I just took a shower and have no make-up on so don't judge too harshly.
Mommy and Oliver made one trip out of the home so far and while we were out we went and met Oliver's future best friend Sadie. Sadie was born on the same day as him and me and her mommy were bestest friends all growing up. They're meant to be's fate.
Daddy has been amazing and has tackled the gruesome twosome like a champ. He has been wonderful. The twins I think have loved being his helpers (especially when it comes to using his tools). We've been quite busy around our house getting projects done while Brandt is off work. We've built a fence, cleaned the windows and screens, fixed the loose tile in our kitchen,painted some doors, had insulation put in our attice, had the siding, fascia, and soffit replaced outside, gone to the zoo,and hasn't forgotten to have our nightly ritual before bed...rockin' out session. This is Dylan doing his air-guitar and here he is in his guitar-stance.He is hilarious when it comes to music. He just LOVES it, like daddy of course. My mom told me that after you have a baby you are supposed to have it nice and quiet with lots of rest for 2 months. We came home from the hospital and hit the ground running. Crazy. We are all well around here, though, so I can't complain. My computer has been on the fritz lately so you're lucky you got this post. It happens to want to work today. Hopefully I will be able to post again soon.


Erin said...

Ohhhh! He is a beautiful little boy! Enjoy him while he's teeny! Congrats!

Ryan and Amber said...

Congrats! That's so exciting.

allison said...

Oh he is darling. I love the picture with his eyes open what a sweet little boy.
I hope you guys are surviving. I would offer help but distance is a problem but call me if you want to talk.
Congratulations again I can't wait to see more pictures.

Mollie Sekikawa said...

Love him! He looks like Charlie, I think! Too cute. I'm glad you're all doing well, and I'm so happy to have this post!