Thursday, July 8, 2010

Are you there??

So I apparently completely missed June! No posts for you. I've thought about updating about 100 times, but ya know, not such a big priority for me these days. I am large and ready to have a strapping young fellow in less than two weeks and have been incredibly busy with two rambunctious almost 2 year olds! What can I say.

So the second week of June the boys and I and my sweet niece Aspen (with the job title of my nanny) piled in the car and drove down to St. George for a few days with my parents. Brandt stayed back to live the dream delivering mail. The weather was lovely and it was nice to have a different scene. However, it's always nice to be back home and back to our normal routine. I am a creature of habit.
We went swimming in St. George:
We went swimming at Granna's a few days ago:
In June I was hosting an Activity Days for the girls in my neighborhood at my house. They were working on their project in my living room and the boys were being boys and climbing up and down the couch, sliding off the edge, laughing, giggling, having a great time. I ran into the kitchen to get something and heard a cry. I came back in and the girls said, "um, Charlie pushed Dylan off the couch." Lovely, D would hardly put any pressure on his foot. I called the doctor and she said to watch him for the afternoon and if he is still having issues with it in the morning to come in. We went in and she said it looked like just a sprain and he should be better in about a week. A week went by and he was still hobbling so they suggested seeing a sports medicine doctor. So, a few days later that was the plan of attack. In his xray it looked like there was a slight fracture on his fibula (smaller leg bone). So we have a boot. I go in tomorrow morning to make sure he is back to normal. He's walking great. Is the boot not the cutest and saddest thing you've ever seen??? What a trooper.
So, amongst all this fun, we've still managed to get into lots of trouble and discover all sorts of fun things to do to wear down mommy's patience and that fine quality is pretty much non-existent these days. Proof of our shenanigans is here:


Spjut Family said...

oh Dre, I check your blog all the time for updates. What a update. Wow, is it really only two weeks???? Okay, let me know if you need any thing. "And don't worry, that toilet paper can be rolled up still. The trouble is when they learn to rip it off and flush "high quality 2 ply paper down the toilet."

Erin said...

TWO WEEKS? What the...?

allison said...

I can't believe you only have two weeks, I can't wait to see the sweet little boy. You better update so we can see him even if it is just pictures.

Good Luck these next few weeks and for the next few years...not to scare you, but life with 3 is CRAZY and makes you CRAZY, at least it made me crazy, I really don't know where my mind has gone, hopefully one day I will find it again.