Saturday, February 13, 2010

Miracles do happen

So I have stumbled upon this blog. I have just read through it and have sobbed. Any mother with little ones must read as a reminder to remember the things that are important and to realize the tender mercies our Father in Heaven sends down to us each moment of every day. Wow...I cannot even imagine. I will squeeze my boys a little tighter when they wake up from their naps.


Kierstin said...

Yeah, the crazy thing is that this family is in my brother-in-law, Dave's ward! My sis-in-law is her VT and said that Bronson is doing great now. He is home and doing fabulous. Isn't that horrible to have that happen? I cannot even imagine the guilt you would carry forever. Sunan said that they have an amazing 12000 sq ft. home with an elevator, climbing wall, and pretty much everything else you could ever want in a dream home... and they're so young! Cool family and an awesome, miraculous ending.

Mike and Meg said...

I read that last week and sobbed. I am so glad that he is doing better. It sad that I have to read this to remember how lucky I am.