Monday, January 25, 2010

We are...TROUBLE!!!

My oh my these boys are giving me a run for my money. I knew once the boys learned to walk it would be a whole new ball game but they are exhausting. The other day I swear I was yelling more than talking. I'm not even a "yeller" so what does that tell you??? They were into everything and would not stop. They love to pull everything out of the drawers (multiple times a day) and they've learned to climb up on everything. I think I need to finally make Brandt put the child locks on the drawers. They're such an inconvience but I don't know if I have the patience to continue to search for a tablespoon when I'm making dinner. As for the climbing, I just hope they out-grow it soon. My biggest worry is our table. They've figured out how to climb up the chairs. Our table backs up to our railing in our kitchen and just over the railing is the long stairwell. A HUGE fear of mine is them falling over that if they climb onto the table. They also enjoy climbing up the piano. I need to take everything off the top of it now so it's not so enticing to get up there. Pretty soon there won't be much left in our house. Where is spring so we can go outside and play. Our house is getting pretty lame and the boys have had enough I'm afraid. Bring on some sunshine!!!


Erin said...

Is there any other option for the table? It would so be worth the peace of mind to move it. I have made so many changes in my house just because I got sick of worrying about stuff.

The 3 of Us said...

Ah, that picture of them at the piano is priceless!! Wow, I can't imagine how that is having two movers on your hands. It is amazing what they discover :) Thanks for your post! Is there anyone you would recommend for the massage therapy??? Thanks!!!

Kierstin said...

Yes, they're trouble.

Yes, they're oh so cute.

No, it's not going to get easier!! Then comes the addition of dirt, boogers, pee on the back of the toilet (and floor, and walls, etc), toothpaste on every surface of the bathroom while brushing, bugs, & muddy shoes... all while running around like crazy, being loud and boyish and oh, so squishy cute and sweet! ... luckily there is always a nighttime :)

Busy boys will be busy boys, ummm, good luck with that!! love ya'll xo

Thompson Family said...

Wow! You are SUPER WOMAN! Boys are so busy, my baby is out of control. It would be hard to imagine 2 to chase after. By the way, I love the picture of Charlies treasure he found. The things that entertain little ones.