Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We have a tooth, no wait, there is no tooth, oh wait, yes, there is a tooth

So we finally have a tooth (or two). I was starting to think that my kids didn't have teeth at all! A few weeks ago I had a neighbor lady over and I was telling her that Dylan was being rotten and he better get a tooth after all his naughty-ness. She looked and sure enough, there was a little nubbin. Once Brandt got home we looked and there was no tooth. So we had a case of the disappearing tooth. We waited a few more days and then wa-lah...Charlie had a tooth. A few days later Dylan finally got one (that stuck around). Yesterday Charlie got another one so we are officially teething. Let me tell you, it's fun with two babies teething. Anyone who wants to experience that one, come on over. It's barrels of smiles and giggles. They are stinkin' cute though. I guess I gotta start teaching them to brush those teeth. One more thing to add to the "to do" list.
Dylan's Tooth
Look, can you see my tooth?? Here it is, see?? Funny Charlie...
We played on the swing for the first time today. Do you think they liked it?!? Yep! It's our new favorite!


Mollie Sekikawa said...

Oh, yeah, double the fun! We're currently working on molars. That's a treat! Good for them, getting teeth before they're one! Good job, boys. How's the weaning going?

Spjut Family said...

Teething fun!!! The good thing is, that the toothbrush feels good on those sore gums-- so they seem to like to brush their teeth. Congrats on the toothums.