Thursday, July 16, 2009


So the other day I had a moment. Brandt had finally hung up the swing we bought forever ago for the boys only to find that we need to get some wires to hang it down a little lower from the tree. Needless to say, it just hangs there for the time being until we can get around to fixing it. Here is the view I see from my kitchen window above the sink. I spend a lot of time there and see that swing multiple times thoughout the day. I almost cry each time I see it because I am sooooo grateful that I am able to have a swing in my backyard tree for MY children. It may seem silly but it is such a blessing to have my sweet babies. They are miracle babies and I am truly humbled each time I think about it. We waited and prayed for these two for many years and not a moment goes by that I am not grateful to my Heavenly Father for trusting me with these wonderful sons of his. Thank goodness for swings, eh?


Kierstin said...

Oh, I love this post. That is so sweet and we are all grateful that they are here... Cole and Mia probably talked them into waiting until they came for the shock value. I love you guys.

Mollie Sekikawa said...

Snif, Snif, (wipes runny nose and a stray tear) gosh, you really know how to get a girl goin' at 7am on a Friday. Geesh. Ok, really that was so nice. I feel the exact same way when I look at mine. Man we really are blessed. Happy Friday, can't wait to see you in a few short weeks.

Thompson Family said...

So cute! Makes me think twice on a day like today.... Boys are a true