Monday, April 4, 2016

And the Oliver funny moments continue....

My 3 older boys slept over at Grandma's house one day last week since it was Spring Break.  The next evening when we were home Brandt came in from work and the boys were excitedly telling Brandt about the fun things they did.  I was trying to quietly tell Oliver to go put on his hat that Grandma bought him without Brandt hearing.  He looked at me and said "what?"  Then Dylan tried to whisper to him while he was walking towards me but then he past Charlie next.  Charlie turned to whisper it to him and at the same time Oliver turned towards Charlie.  The Oliver burst out "CHARLIE WHY DID YOU TALK INTO MY EYE???" He was clearly upset about it.  Brandt and I busted up laughing which in turn embarrassed O so he ran away to cry.  We tried to explain to him that it was funny, he was funny, and not to cry about it.  Now he can laugh with us but man it was great.

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