Monday, June 22, 2015

What's new?

I think it's been about forever since I've updated. Many times I think about posting but when I have 2 spare seconds I feel guilty if it is spent here. Which is silly cause this is important. Way more important than scrolling Facebook but I guess it's easier. Another thing that deters me is that I'd rather type on a computer and I can't do that right now. I think it was like literally the day after my last post that we had another huge lightening storm. I had just gotten back home with the family and I was in the front room when the room lit up and there was a crack of thunder simultaneously. And the power was gone. I swear it hit right outside our house. My poor laptop was sadly charging and I wasnt using a surge protector. It died. And then a week later when my mom came home from her trip I borrowed her old computer. And I've killed that one, too! The wireless driver disappeared and the port to hook the Internet up the old fashioned way doesn't work. So here I sit (during the precious nap time) trying to type on the iPad. Sigh.

So I'm still crazy and over scheduled. I keep saying I don't want to be this way but I have a disease!! I can't stop! We were begged by Dylan's baseball coach to let him play on the All-Star team. I didn't necessarily mind the time commitment at the time, more so the cost, but all the begging broke us and we signed him up. We've been practicing about every other day and their first tournament is this weekend. 4 guaranteed games between Thursday night and Monday and more depending on how they do. I'm just not this die hard. My boy is 6!! What have I drifted into? D loves it tho and he's getting really good. I started tennis lessons for Dylan and Charlie this week. We have that ever morning for the next two weeks. In my defense I signed them up before we agreed to this baseball nonsense. The twins have REALLY been looking forward to it. D said it was fun and Charlie complained. What's new?  Oliver is playing playing playing. He loves to try and keep up with "bruders" and is good to play with Porty. Porter has been sick the last few days. He woke up crying this morning at 5am. Whaaaa??????  Not ok. I now feel like I need a nap now! He has 6 teeth and lots of personality. He loves me most which is so cute but sometimes it'd be nice to have a break. Brandt has been inundated with lots of requests for work. We've blown off a bunch and some are just falling by the wayside. Which is as pretty much ok since he's melting in the heat for 10 hours, 6 days a week for the post office and going out to the garage is the last thing he wants to do when he gets home. And his kids miss him.

But that's just a snippet of our crazy. I'm trying really hard to get in a routine and feel at peace but I'm struggling to get there. I really want to make this summer fun for my boys but it's exhausting. I wish I could be superwoman always. Eh, maybe one day. Today is not that day and I'd put my money on it that tomorrow isn't it either!! Haha!

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