Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Yearly check ups

Today my triplets, I mean twins and Oliver, had their yearly check ups with Dr. Kathy.

Oliver is 4. He's 39lbs, 41 inches, 100/63 blood pressure, 90 pulse, and has 20/30 eye sight. He got the rest of his shots so he's ready to go to kindergarten next year. He also had to pee in a cup. Didn't want to but we made a game of it and got him to do it (and he won).

Charlie is 6 next Tuesday. He weighs 51.6lbs, 46.5 inches, 95/58 blood pressure, 91 pulse, and has 20/20 vision. No shots or peeing in a cup!

Dylan is 6 years old next Tuesday. He weighs 42.2lbs, 45.5 inches tall, 88/57 blood pressure, 93 pulse, and 20/30 vision. No shots or peeing for D either.

All went we'll except the end where O screamed bloody murder for his 2nd shot. Otherwise all good. Porter just hung out like an angel. Healthy boys. We're so lucky.

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