Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Not always the best mom...

A few nights ago I had just gotten off the phone with Poison Control (not the first time, or even the second time I've made that call).  I got thinking, "I wonder if they give an award for the person who calls the most."  And then I realized, "Yep, they do....child protective services." Would not be surprised.

And I was flossing my boys's teeth the other night and as I was looking at Charlie's teeth I realized he had a couple cavities I could see.  CRAP.  Utter failure as a mother right there.  Especially one that is a bit of a tooth nazi.  I cried.  I told him that we'll have to go to the dentist and he just said, "ok" not knowing what it's going to entail.  Worst mother moment.  I feel horrible.

Dylan & Dad sledding Christmas Eve

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