Monday, October 1, 2012

It's all in a day...I mean, morning

Dylan woke up with a big puffy, oozy, pink eye.  I had to wait until 8am to call the doctor.  They said, "Oh, ok, we'll just call in a prescription."  Perfect, I think.  I had to wait until 10 when Costco opens.  Called to make sure they had the prescription and they said it'd be ready in 20 minutes.  Decide to go deposit some checks to kill some of the time and as we're leaving I notice Charlie has some goopys in his eye, too.  Crap.  So I call the doctor again and let them know that Dylan's twin is having the same issue so they call his prescription, too.  So - to give Costco some time I run to Michael's to get some crafty stuff, taking my time.  As I leave I look at my receipt because I paid more than I thought it should be and of course, I grabbed the paint that wasn't on sale.  No way am I going back in with my whiney, oozy eyed kids to save a buck, so off to Costco.  I went to the pharmacy and they couldn't find C's order.  Finally they did, said it will be 10-15 to fill it.  So, we wander.  15 minutes.  30 minutes.  45 minutes.  Finally it's done.  They ask if there is insurance.  I say yes.  They so their thing and because they're twins and have same birthday it is saying that the refill is too soon on the 2nd one.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??  They tell me they'll call but it'll be a few minutes.  Ok.  So I take my cart of food to the car to load (because you can't wander for near an hour and not spend another hundred dollars).  When I come back she tells me they called and that I need to call to sort it out.  Again, ARE YOU KIDDING ME??  So, I pay full price for the one prescription and go to my car.  I'm loading the kids and a woman comes by and says, "I'll take that for you (meaning my cart)," and because I'm frazzled I thank her, grab my prescription bag, pull Charlie from the cart and get us all in and leave.  It has been well over an hour for this dang errand.  I get home and the saga of putting eye drops in my kids eyes begins.  Dylan lays down, I get the one eye done and he flips.  So I have to hold him down and get the other eye.  He's crying so of course Charlie is crying.  He's saying "Mom, I don't want the medicine."  I chase him around, hog tie him and literally have to sit on him so that I can get the drops in his eyes.  He is screaming, screaming, screaming.  Fantastic.  I get the drops in and then I hold him and sing to him for another 10 minutes while he tries to get his breath back.  I put them all down for a nap and go to call the freakin insurance.  Um, where's my wallet?  CRAP - it must have been in the cart.  Call Costco.  Yep, they have the wallet.  I'm stuck home cause the kids are all in bed.  Luckily my dear aunt lives down the street and she came up so I could run and get my wallet.  Came home.  Called insurance.  Pointless.  They said that Costco didn't even file anything for Dylan.  Only Charlie.  So the girl at Costco must have been dumb.  Whatever.

I guess now I'll put away our 10 loads of laundry.  Yuck.  Can only go up from here....right?!?

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Kierstin said...

Oh, I FREAKING HATE pink eye! We've had it a few times over the years and I was even lucky to get it. Holy crap it's awful and the eye drops burn like a mother. Good luck, sister. Plan on hog tying every time. My trick, buy Popsicles or some yummy yogurt pops and tell them that if they hurry and do their drops, they can have one. Worked like a charm on my kids. Xo