Wednesday, September 5, 2012


After much debate on whether or not to send D&C to preschool I finally gave in and we started preschool this year.  Good move on my part I think.  Their teacher is Mrs. Melanie and they had a great first day.  They were so excited to go and went right in and sat down and didn't care that I was gone.  I know it helps that they have each other.  When I picked them up they said that they were naughty and had to put their heads down.  I asked if it was just them that got in trouble or more kids, too.  Apparently there were more (but I wouldn't be surprised if we were the leaders of the "naughtiness").  I can't believe I'm taking my kids to school already.  They were a little disappointed that they didn't take the school bus.  They asked why Brother Allphin didn't take them.  Time sure does fly. 

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