Monday, October 18, 2010

Some things to cheer about and some things to cry about

Two things.
#1: We made it through nursery...ALL of nursery!! And the leaders even said they did great! WooHoo!! Here is their artwork from their first lesson at church. Pretty sad that they are 26 months and just barely have had a lesson but I am a nap-Nazi and I won't let church throw off my nap takin' schedule too much. Church falls right at their nap so I've pulled them after their 1st hour of nursery to take them home to nap. I braved it this week and they were TROOPERS!
#2: I went to the park today with two of my friends from high school to let our kiddos play. My timid Charlie went down the BIG slide (Yes, this is D on the slide, but including this pic so you can see the evil slide) and as he was going down, the rubber on his shoe caught on the plastic slide and that foot stopped and the rest of him kept going and hello, splits. I think he has sprained his ankle. My doc said to see how his is in the AM before bringing him in to see if it gets a little better on it's own. As of tonight he won't stand on it. Remember or cute little boot? Charlie is now trying it out. Funny thing about it, though, is that Dylan wants to wear it so bad! He was so cute this afternoon. I put the boot on C and a sandal on the other foot. D brought the other sandal to me and I told him that he needed to go get the green sandals cause there was just one of the blue sandals. He went into his closet and brought me one green sandle. I put it on his foot. He only wanted one shoe cause Charlie could only wear one shoe. What good brothers.

Ok - I'm on a roll...
#3: Oliver turned 3 months today. He is just a-growin'. He has turned into a smiley boy and just found his hand and his giggle. He is such a sweet soul. He sleeps through the night almost every night (occasionally he'll want a little snack about 4am). He loves his brothers and they love him right back. They are all so very cute together.

#4: The boys and I went to the pumpkin patch tonight. We rode on the trailer that was pulled by a tractor. Picked out the perfect pumpkin (these aren't the perfect pumpkin, it was already loaded up in the trailer). And when we were sad, Mimi was there to make us feel so much better.

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