Friday, April 30, 2010

5 signs of pregnancy

It's a good thing that human women are only prego 9 months. The signs that you are definetly pregnant are as follows:
1. You go to the zoo. You make sure (or you think you make sure) to pack your video camara (because it's been forever since you have videotaped the kids and one day you'll be sad you got so complacent) and your regular camara. Once you get to the zoo you look for your regular camara and can't find it. Hmmmm, must have left it home. Oh wait, are we done with the zoo? Did I take out the video camara once?? NO. We're now home and un-packing the bag. Yep, there's the regular camara. Duh! Grandma took some pics so now I'll just have to remember to get them from her.
2. You can barely walk because your hips are falling apart and you still have awhile to go, otta be fun!
3. You and hubby are eating dinner downstairs and he asks you to get croutons when you run upstairs to get your drink. You go upstairs and back down THEN remember the croutons so you need to turn around and head back up again...with my awesome hips.
4. EVERYTHING on TV makes me weepy. Biggest Loser every week, some moments on Parenthood, 20/20, you name it, I've cried over it.
5. Could Diet Coke and a burger taste any better??? I don't think so. Especially Diet Coke from Wendy's. I don't know what they mix in their soda but it is the bestest!!!
Here are the clowns:


Spjut Family said...

At least you have a cute little bump. You may have pregancy "brain dead" but at least you do it in style.

Spjut Family said...

Oh, and I can't think straight and I have no excuses.