Saturday, September 19, 2009

One Year Old

We are such big boys! I'm a little late posting the 1 year stats and their 1 year pics. Here we go...
Weight: 18lb 8oz - 2%
Height: 29 1/4in - 29%
Head: 45cm - 13%
Still just a little skinny-minny but he is so fun. He is into everything and never stops moving. He loves to climb up on anything and is very creative to get what he wants. He's a messy, messy eater and seems to be a little more picky than his little bro.
Weight: 20lb 12oz - 19%
Height: 29 1/2in - 37%
Head: 46cm - 37%
He obviously is still eating his brother's food! He is such a good eater and eats whatever I serve and eats it all. He hates his sippy cup so we need to hurry and transition to a "real" cup so he gets enough milk. He is very detailed and studies his toys to find out what makes them work. He's perfecting taking things out of containers and putting them back in. He's still a little softy and cries when he's pushed around. He's bigger & stronger than his big bro but he doesn't know it yet so he sometimes gets bullied.
Aren't they just adorable??? I'm not biased or anything but they are just the cutest things ever!! Here's to another year of FUN!

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shawn.spjut said...

It's good to see Dylan move up a percentile. Those pics are darling. I really need to just bite the bullet and schedule family pictures. Your boys are so cute. Even the big on at the top of the screen. I like the couple picture.