Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bear Lake

We were lucky enough to go with Brandt's family up to Bear Lake last week. It was wonderful just to spend a few days in a house different than mine. I was a nervous wreck thinking my boys wouldn't sleep well in the pack-n-plays and it would be difficult to keep them out of trouble but they were so so so good. They did everything they were supposed to and behaved so well. The cabin was awesome, the company was perfect, and we were definetly rejuvenated (is that how you spell that?) after it was all said and done. Thank you Reed & Kiers for the sweet hook-up and thank you to everyone else for helping me with my two rug-rats. I can't wait until we do it again!!!

We played on the 4-wheelers.
We caught frogs in the weeds.
We played in the water.
We sat around and did...NOTHING. We played with our brother. And we LOVED playing with our Daddy. Nothing better than that.We did lots of other things but I left that up to Kierstin and Jen to take the pictures of so I don't have any proof of it.

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Spjut Family said...

Darling, darlilng. I don't know if you know, but Shawn dropped our camera into the lake. We will see what pictures we can get. I think the pictures you captured are great. Have you seen little Savannah water skiing??? So cute.