Monday, March 16, 2009

What do you do all day?

So the past week or so I have been asked a couple times what I do all day. I usually answer, "I don't know, just take care of the babies." This has got me thinking...what do I do?? Lets see:
  1. Wash bottles and pump "stuff" - about a month ago I had put a little sticky by my sink and just tallied each time I washed a bottle. Turns out I wash about 25 bottles daily. My boys don't drink 25 bottles but I do pump frequently and that is 2 bottles each time, too.

  2. Diapers, Diapers, Diapers - usually 12-15 diaper changes per day. It varies depending on the day, haha.

  3. Pump...the dreaded pump - Can I tell you how sick I am of that stinkin' pump? I started out pumping at least 7 times a day. I tried to do it every 2 hours but I have cut back since the boys are starting solid foods. I usually average 5-7 times at the pump per day. I will usually sit there at least 15 minutes but sometimes it is a little less and sometimes a little more. That equates to 1-2 hours sitting at the pump. Yuck...I cannot wait for that milestone where I can give them cows milk (ok, I can, I don't want to wish away their "baby-ness").

  4. Work - I do work a little from home. Depending on the day it could be nothing or a few hours of work. I try to do it while the boys sleep cause otherwise I have to do it at night and miss spending time with my cute hubby.

  5. Clean up - how does the house get so messy? I swear I try to keep things organized but there is ALWAYS something that needs straightening. One day when I'm rich I'll hire a housekeeper. While they're at it they can wash all those bottles for me!

Having twins is a whirlwind. Everyone I have spoken to with twins of their own say that once that first year is over it gets a little easier (sorta). They say that you don't really remember the first year and I completly get that. Running, running, running. But I love it. I love them. I am so, so, so lucky. I cannot say that enough. My boys are honestly the best boys ever.


Kierstin said...

They are the best! And you are too. I just love, love, love, love (one 'love' for each of you) you guys. xo

Mollie Sekikawa said...

Since coming back to work, and also dealing with the dreaded pump, I have changed my opinion about cows milk. I now think that should be considered "Cruelty to Animals" to milk a cow. You are wonder woman! I must say I was curious about how your day goes with 2 babies! Now I know...wash, pump, change, wash, pump, change...that sounds like a good ol' time! AND on top of all that, you have to keep up a blog?!? GOSH!

Spjut Family said...

Oh, look at their cute smiles!! Our kids are getting so big. Oh, Dre you truly are a saint to pump so much. I have talked to lots of moms with twins you swtich to formula right at six months. my mom did. So I'm so proud of you. It's so much work. I only pump once a day now and it is heaven. cole has 5 teeth-- I just hope he continues being nice with them.