Thursday, November 13, 2008

Funny outfits

Brandt and I have been lucky enough to have lots of people donate to the "clothes cause" at the Jensen home. I guess people feel sympathy for us having two babies at once so we have been given some outfits from friends. We think some of them are pretty funny so we'll dress the boys up and take pictures (they really are cute...does anything not look cute on little boys?). Here are some of my favorites.



Russ & Candace said...

They are already looking so big! They are too cute...I like the outfits.

Kierstin said...

ummm, where's the rainbow sweaters??? I'm waiting.

Spjut Family said...

They look so little and cute in their bouncies. The outfits are so adoreable. I hope you take lots and lots of pictures--your boys will love to see how small they are when they get older.